Simple, but powerful

Unrivalled performance data for any artist

Sparkline breaks through the Spotify data wall - follow any artist to track their daily plays and monthly listeners.

Daily performance insights

When you follow an artist on Sparkline, we monitor them on a daily basis - giving you visualisations for number of plays, changes in monthly listeners and growth in followers.

“immediately love how it gives the total artist streams”

A dashboard for all your artists

Get quick performance insights across all the artists you follow; our sortable table let's you easily understand which artists are getting played the most, which ones are trending, and which ones are losing audience.

The missing analytics tool for Spotify

Get meaningful insight into third party artists

Sparkline offers data you can't get elsewhere; play counts, monthly listeners and followers, updated daily and wrapped up in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Play Counts

We collate play counts for every track an artist has Spotify. We update these every day, giving you a daily analysis of growth in streams.

Monthly Listeners

We fetch artist monthly follower counts everyday, so you can measure an artists audience retention on a daily basis.

Followers and Popularity

Every metric adds up; we keep you up to date with artists followers and popularity score, giving you insight into how Spotify ranks your artists.

All artists in one place

All your artists in one table - sortable by plays count, monthly listeners count and followers count. You can even sort by total, total growth, or percentage growth.

Artist dashboard

Go deep on an individual artist - each artist you follow gets a full dashboard with charts for each metric, so you can get your fix of growth curves.

Go back in time

We retain daily statistics for every artist you follow, so you can look at how they've grown since yesterday, last week, or even last month.